Friday, December 9, 2011



Both lay on the carpeted floor against each other lost in
their own world. Deb and Sagarika. He could smell the
soft jasmine in her hair. She rubbed her hand against his
unshaven face. The room filled with the soft music of Elton
John. ‘What are you thinking Deb ?’ she asked.

             ‘Nothing much. Thinking how life sucks!’ he replied
with a lost smile. The liquor had made the moment hazy.
‘Do you like Ayantika’ she asked.
‘I don’t know.’ Deb replied and kept silent for the next
few seconds. ‘Do you like Sujoy?’ Deb asked.
‘I don’t know but he is a nice guy,’ she replied slowly
moving her fingers through his cropped hair. ‘And I really don’t
want to know. I am enjoying this moment Deb, the place,
everything.’ Deb turned back and looked deep into her eyes.
‘Shall we dance to the tune of – Let’s make a night to
remember.’ ‘I am feeling too lazy. Let’s stay here for a while.
You haven’t shaved,’ Sagarika slowly moved her fingers all
over Deb’s face.

‘I am feeling lazy and a bit tired too,’ he said, and then
added, ‘and confused too.’
‘Confused? Why?’ Sagarika looked up astonished.
‘At times I really can’t understand Vinod.’ He paused
again wondering whether to tell her about the train incident
or not. ‘Buy why? He seems quite a decent guy. Although
a bit stubborn and bossy. But apart from that, he looks ok.
Does he have any problem?’
‘What problem?’ Deb asked alarmed and wondered how
Sagarika got to know about it.
‘No I mean, he came alone. Isn’t he married?’
‘No, still unmarried and I think he is a virgin,’ Deb
‘And you?’ Sagarika asked mischievously.
Deb skipped the question for the time being. ‘At times I
have doubts about him. I feel he is just very frustrated. Quite
normal at this age. But at times he really acts weird.’

‘Drop it. What difference does it makes to you ?’ Sagarika
replied, her finger playing on Deb’s lips. ‘And now, I am more
interested to know about you.’ Deb’s lips came very close
to hers. And then without knowing, they kissed deeply and
passionately till Sagarika pushed Deb back.

‘Oh God! Let me breathe at least.’ She gasped. Deb
laughed loudly. And like a tigress, she sprang on him. They
wrestled while Deb tried to reach out for her T-shirt.
‘I hope you have brought protection,’ Sagarika giggled
while still fighting to save herself. At last she surrendered and
fell into his arms, tired. The T-shirt flew away and dropped
on one side of the door. ‘Ouch! My head hurts. Please let’s
go to bed,’ she pleaded while Deb rubbed the back of her
head. He tried to lift her.
‘Oh shit! You are quite heavy.’
‘What! I will kill you!’ Sagarika said and they both
crashed on the bed. ‘Easy baby. Mr Mongpu will fine us, if
the bed breaks.’ Sagarika joked, while she unbuttoned Deb’s
shirt. Now, it was Deb’s turn. Soon the bra flew off too.
‘Softly baby,’ Sagarika moaned while closing her eyes. She
clasped Deb firmly and dragged him closer to her heart.
Sagarika tried to reach out for Deb’s denim jeans. The
zip was tight. As she unzipped it and gave a tight pull, in a
flash of light Deb saw Ayantika’s face. He pushed Sagarika
back and sat up.

‘What!’ Sagarika looked up surprised and annoyed.
‘This is wrong. I am sorry Sagarika. I can’t do it,’ Deb
replied while buttoning up his shirt, his back to her. He
slowly gathered her T-shirt and bra and gave them to her.
Everything seemed to perplex Sagarika.
‘Why? What happened? Don’t you like me?’
‘I like you, but as a friend. Better not mess it up. I love
someone else.’ She fixed her glance on Deb for a few seconds.
Then slowly got up and dressed herself. A tear drop rolled
down her cheek and dropped on the carpet. Deb came close
to Sagarika. ‘I am sorry Sagarika. But I really love her.’
‘It’s ok. Let me get dressed. Can you please go to the
other room,’ she said in a choked voice. Deb stood still for
a few seconds, like a punished school boy.
Sagarika looked away. She went to the other end of the
room and fixed her dress. Deb slowly moved towards the
door. The song had changed to ‘Last Christmas, I gave you
my heart, the very next day you gave it away.’ He felt he had
wasted money on the Rum bottle as he was devoid of any
intoxication. Suddenly a commotion followed.

‘No don’t, please. Keep your hands away. Shit man!
Leave me alone. Leave me alone.’ It was Saurav. But why is
he shouting at this hour of night. Deb got alarmed.
‘Who is shouting? Isn’t it Saurav ?’ Sagarika looked back
and ran towards the door. Deb too ran towards Room no.
121. Meanwhile Tina had also come out in her nightgown,
rubbing her eyes. She felt there was a burglary going on.
The room was closed.
‘Fatty, what happened? Why are you shouting ?’ Deb
banged the door hard. Silence followed. Deb lost his cool
and started kicking the door. Tina and Sagarika stood
beside him looking worried. Deb’s heartbeat rose. Taking
a deep breath he moved back. ‘I am breaking the door.’ As
Deb was about to kick, the door opened. Saurav stood in
the doorway.
Deb looked at Saurav. His eyes had gone red, crying. He
tried to speak but fumbled. Deb saw that Saurav’s T-shirt
was torn. Anger gripped Deb as he moved Saurav aside and
entered the room.
‘Oh shit! Fuck you man. Fuck you Vinod!’ he exclaimed
in horror. Vinod stood naked, just wearing an underwear.