Sunday, October 1, 2017


Created a Voice over Shopping BOT which can place order over Voice command .

In the 1st level, Rudra could :

1) Understand voice and take appropriate action e.g.     

 i) Shows the current time when asked the time    

ii) Opens up Google Map when asked for a place ( e.g. Where is Taj Mahal? )

 iii) Opens up the appropriate Shopping Platform ( e.g. #Amazon or #Myntra or #Jabong etc ) when asked to find the item - like find me a red shirt from Jabong .

iv) Can scan images among multiple images in a folder ( think from a UI perspective that you are uploading an image ) and find the appropriate item from the shopping platform.

In the 2nd Level, I had tried to make Rudra reaching towards the Goal like buying me an item . For example, if I say -Buy me a white Shirt from Myntra , it first opens up the appropriate search , then selects the item , then selects the appropriate size , adding it to shopping bag and placing the order  .

Due to security reasons, Myntra couldn't let me move to the final level  after multiple testing , which is understandable but Goal accomplished !