Wednesday, May 22, 2019

At the stroke of the morning hour when the world sleeps

Tonight as the vigilent moon in it's waning Gibbous phase looms over us , its shadows the promise of both light and darkness along with it.
    While some looking at it might feel the promise of round bread and abundant food for family in the near future , some might be bit shaken what the dark spots behold.
    Whichever Party wins tomorrow and forms the Government , it's an uphill task for them.
    Providing steady employment to an ever increasing population will be one of the biggest challenges.
    What a Common Man needs ? The age old Question...
      Roti , Kapra aur Makaan...
The 1974 bollywood drama had the Legend Amitabh Bhacchan in it.
Roti, Kapra aur Makaan...
Ironically Roti for farmers who doesn't have to commit suicide again.
Food for the poorest of poor.
And clothes and shelter.
And that can only be possible by generating more and more employment.
Employment can iradicate lot of ills of our society , as an empty stomach leads to a fractured mind.
The next 5 years will be quite tough for India as well as the new government .
How can we help , the more priviledged ones ?
Apart from paying taxes , I feel one of the greatest contribution can be by generating employment.
Even if a new initiative provides job to just 4-5 people , don't think its only those 4 or 5 persons , but actually its 4 or 5 families ...
No initiative or startup is big or small...all are equally important as all contributes to the development of India.

Let's make India Great...

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Who will talk the final talk

Who will talk the final talk -

Indian Election 2019 Scenario :

I always feel the greatest power of democracy is in the Mango People , Aam Admi , the common Man like us.
Whatever happens we have to take into account that it's that Aam Admi's verdict.
     The Intellectuals can keep on howling , but somewhere they need to accept the Verdict.
Same happened in US.
When Trump got elected there was so much hue and cry among Intellectuals.
Same happened in 2014 when Modi got elected.
I feel it's psychologically demeaning for them to think that how come a person without a Havard or minimum JNU education can be a PM.
It's somewhat understandable.
Think that the Doodhwala's son who visited your home in soiled clothes with his poor old father is now your boss...Think !
But then we shouldn't forget that He was the Chosen one...
I feel if Modi was from Havard , LSE or some renowned school or college the debate would have subsided.

But unfortunately or fortunately In Democracy the final word is spoken by the Aam Admi.
They can make you an internet sensation ( Angel Priya or who that girl was ) in a day , or can throw you away .
It doesn't matter you belong to a dynasty .
Remember Bahadur Shah Zafar , the last emperor of Mughals ?
In Democracy Dynasty politics doesn't hold neither the wishful thinking of Intellectuals...
The Final talk will be the talk of Aam Admi.

#ExitPolls #Elections #BJP #INCIndia

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day

Ode to Mother's day - From a pathetic son

Few more hours and Mother's Day will come to an end.
Of all the arguements from critics that 365 days a year is Mother's Day which I do acknowledge ( caz we make her work for us everyday ) , still I feel having a well marked date on the Calender is important.
      Specially for those unlucky souls like me who doesn't have the opportunity to be with her everyday ( though my parents visit me often ) coupled with our busy life.
     Atleast you can set reminder on your mobile and call her to wish Happy Mother's Day.
     Reading Tagore's poem
       মাকে আমার পড়ে না মনে।
শুধু কখন খেলতে গিয়ে
হঠাৎ অকারণে
একটা কী সুর গুনগুনিয়ে
কানে আমার বাজে,
মায়ের কথা মিলায় যেন
আমার খেলার মাঝে। '

As I look back into my  childhood , I see how vast a space she occupies and how much I learnt from her.
    Of all the sweetest memories I had of her and my childhood clasped together  , I do remember summer afternoons when she read stories to my sister and me.Her tired voice having a tinge of sleepiness , long pauses between paragraphs with her eyes closed , and then again going back to read the story to us.
Imagine a mother who had been like Dasabhuja ( Maa Durga with her ten hands ) from the dawn , completing all household chores and then during her little afternoon nap she read us stories.
  Perhaps it was only due to her that I was attracted to books from such an early age.
    I still remember our home in a small town where my father was posted was kind of a mini-library.
     By class 5 ,I had started reading Tagore , Maxim Gorky , O Henry , Naipaul , Dickens , HG Wells and many others.
It was such a wonderful world !
    Of all the ocean of things which I learnt from from her , below few were vital :

1) Help others no matter who he or she is .
2) All jobs have equal importance in its own glory , from a cobbler to an officer.
3) Read books as much as you can , all kind , fiction, non-fiction , autobiographies .
4) It's ok to fail in life . Life doesn't stop with a failure.
5) Be happy with whatever you have.You are lucky than many others.
6) Love God for all that you got in life.

I think of whatever I could make of myself till date , it's 99% her teachings and prayers coupled with God's blessings , and 1% I do keep for mine effort.
    As I go back to my childhood I felt of all the friends I had , books had been my best friend.Tagore was an Ocean , His poems transforming your mundane life. It was interesting to know that Nobel prize winning writer VS Naipaul doubled her wife as his secretary in disguise.And of so many amazing things.
   I can keep on writing as words flows in , but somewhere I have to draw a line.
    I can only pray that God give her strenth to fight all illness and she stays as beautiful as she had always been for the next 100 years and more.
      And that she does forgive her pathetic son for all his weakness.
Happy Mother's Day , Maa .


Saturday, May 11, 2019

Kishore Kumar- Those were the days

Kisore Kumar -

When I look back into the reminiscences of my youthful past on such a lazy tiring saturday evening like today, this heartfelt song brings back a smile to me.
   My smile is like the half crescent moon hovering above me as clouds glides by , the  darkened eaten-up side resembling those bygone days.
The city , as I look by , is a swarm of moving golden bees , while at some corner the enigmatic voice of this great man slowly wafts into the air.
My city has the smell of music even in its polluted air.
All thanks to this legend who will always be  in our hearts of heart.
At the junction of a curved roadway playing hide and seek with darkness and shadow, I can see few young hearts having an adda.
    In our times of sans facebook, whatsapp and twitter days , evenings were beautiful adda with Kisore Da's songs.
Life was simpler then , probably.
   Love was silent too, unlike so loud now-a-days.
    And lost love or secret untold crushes were Kisore Da's melancholic melodies.
    I remember we had a prized possesion at our home , a Gramaphone which my parents got as a wedding gift.
   And some beautiful records , those circular large disks wirh hole at its centre .
    You have to put in the record on the gramaphone and put the diamond tipped pin at the first curve to start the song.
   And of went that everlasting profound voice !
   We had the record of Mili's  ( the movie ) song.
Somehow of all those great songs it had , Badi Sooni Sooni Hai struck a chord with the saddened nerves of my heart.
  By then I had seen the movie quite few times , and this song and that angry young man in the movie has created a hole in my heart.
      I am not sure which was greater , the euphoria or my pain , but the potrayal of a pained angry youth with that glass in his hand made me felt like enacting it.
  Like you want to create the perfect moment of joy in your life to silently enjoy your untold feelings.
I still remember on days when my parent had a party or was outside , I would first close all the doors and windows and put Mili's record to play.
Only this song in infinity loop.
Most importantly , I would wear the attire which the angry young man had , a white kurta and pyjama .
It gave you that perfect curated feelings !
   And switching off the lights , of went the song , Badi Sooni Sooni hai , the glass in my hand with the dreadful liquid in it.
  It was dark outside , the curved roads playing hide and seek with light and shadow.
    And as Kisore Da sang , my pain melted in that glass .

May the great soul be ever alive in our hearts of heart with his everlasting melodies.


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Board results are OUT !

Board results are out.

While it's really heartening and blissfully sweet to see parents rejoicing their child's success , a dark cloud of despair swarmps over those who were not so lucky.
And with social connects entwining our lives , its far more difficult.

Back in our times it was not so broadcasting types , while now if an unfortunate soul have failed or done badly it would do quite few rounds across the nation.
This is exactly the time when parents need to show their love.

Dont ostracize , that probably what others are doing with your kid, his or her  friends, teachers , colony's aunty and uncles.
Tell him that its ok to fail , life doesn't stop there, just a board exam can't decide the fate of someone.
Anyone to say.

The are quite many examples of people who didn't fare well in education leave apart board exams and are just doing Great.
Trust me.
The guy with a company now valuated at $ 4 Billion didn't even care to complete his education.
There are many such examples.
Just say with a smile to your kid that it's ok to fail, we all do in some form or other...and say that it doesn't reduces an aota of your love.
There are far bigger fights to be own , and he or she needs a strong confidence and not a broken heart.

- To all those parents whose kid still believes in their hearts of heart that their father is Ironman and will protect him from all Thanos in the world .