Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Board results are OUT !

Board results are out.

While it's really heartening and blissfully sweet to see parents rejoicing their child's success , a dark cloud of despair swarmps over those who were not so lucky.
And with social connects entwining our lives , its far more difficult.

Back in our times it was not so broadcasting types , while now if an unfortunate soul have failed or done badly it would do quite few rounds across the nation.
This is exactly the time when parents need to show their love.

Dont ostracize , that probably what others are doing with your kid, his or her  friends, teachers , colony's aunty and uncles.
Tell him that its ok to fail , life doesn't stop there, just a board exam can't decide the fate of someone.
Anyone to say.

The are quite many examples of people who didn't fare well in education leave apart board exams and are just doing Great.
Trust me.
The guy with a company now valuated at $ 4 Billion didn't even care to complete his education.
There are many such examples.
Just say with a smile to your kid that it's ok to fail, we all do in some form or other...and say that it doesn't reduces an aota of your love.
There are far bigger fights to be own , and he or she needs a strong confidence and not a broken heart.

- To all those parents whose kid still believes in their hearts of heart that their father is Ironman and will protect him from all Thanos in the world .

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