Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Who will talk the final talk

Who will talk the final talk -

Indian Election 2019 Scenario :

I always feel the greatest power of democracy is in the Mango People , Aam Admi , the common Man like us.
Whatever happens we have to take into account that it's that Aam Admi's verdict.
     The Intellectuals can keep on howling , but somewhere they need to accept the Verdict.
Same happened in US.
When Trump got elected there was so much hue and cry among Intellectuals.
Same happened in 2014 when Modi got elected.
I feel it's psychologically demeaning for them to think that how come a person without a Havard or minimum JNU education can be a PM.
It's somewhat understandable.
Think that the Doodhwala's son who visited your home in soiled clothes with his poor old father is now your boss...Think !
But then we shouldn't forget that He was the Chosen one...
I feel if Modi was from Havard , LSE or some renowned school or college the debate would have subsided.

But unfortunately or fortunately In Democracy the final word is spoken by the Aam Admi.
They can make you an internet sensation ( Angel Priya or who that girl was ) in a day , or can throw you away .
It doesn't matter you belong to a dynasty .
Remember Bahadur Shah Zafar , the last emperor of Mughals ?
In Democracy Dynasty politics doesn't hold neither the wishful thinking of Intellectuals...
The Final talk will be the talk of Aam Admi.

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