Friday, July 10, 2015


RESTORI iOS APP is here....Download now

RESTORI iOS APP is here....Download now

RESTORI iOS APP is here....Download now

RESTORI iOS APP is here....Download now

RESTORI iOS APP is here....Download now


 Problem faced by Businesses today:
  • Today customers are speaking about restaurants & hotels all over the web, in social media, in review sites, blogs etc. But Restaurants cannot capture in one single dashboard what all is talked about them.
  • Restaurants don’t know what consumers are talking about their competitors who are also selling more or less similar kind of menus. So, they are not aware what changes they need to do in order to bring in more Footfalls and win over their competitor’s consumers.

  • Each area has their own distinctive taste bud, meaning certain dishes are more popular in one area in comparison to another area. In short, Restaurants of today doesn’t have a holistic view on what are the most popular feel/taste as per consumer’s voice in his area.

  • Restaurants doesn’t know what kind of consumers are more attracted towards their brand, meaning their demographics, socio-economic details, age, gender etc

How Restori 4 Business is solving the Problem:

With our Proprietary patented Product Restori for Business ( B2B), which has a terabytes of consumer review and ratings data across the web gathering all data from Facebook, twitter, review sites, blogs and a powerful big data Analytics engine, helping Businesses in:

  • A single dashboard overview of Consumers Voice, what consumers are speaking about your brand cross platforms like social media, review sites, blog etc.

  • Competitor Analysis - briefly, how you are placed in terms of your competitors in mind capture of consumers.

  • Geo Location Analysis – what’s hot in your location of business where your restaurant or hotel is placed

  • Consumer clustering – Analysis on what type of customers are visiting your Restaurant or Hotel page.

  • Recommendation Analytics pinpointing the problem areas so that the business can quickly work upon it.

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