Saturday, June 13, 2015


what is Restori BTW!

Ok, got it ...tell me how it works ????

1) Once you are inside Restori App , it's proximity analytics tracks your exact location.

Got it! you are from Bangalore.

2) Next, it gives you the feel of most popular tastes of your City or Town. 

For example , one of the most popular taste of Bangaloreans is Chinese , and a single tap can then give you top Chinese restaurants & hotels , with the sorted best suited  and crafted ones for you on top.

3)Restori understands your behavior,travel  pattern , dishes you might like, proximity , time of the day and suggest top restaurants , top hotels and places to travel .

Wow! me

Restori also suggests best predicted hotels in the city in case you are on a business trip or visit with family.

Then Restori suggests places you can travel and best suited hotels there.

wow! it predicted DARJEELING & SHIMLA for you....wonderful time to visit

4) Now once you click on any Restaurant or Hotel name, it pulls up your friends, critics and real Customers' voices.

the beauty of Restori is in presenting a Pictorial Format unlike the boring textual reviews.

Restori presents short recent snippets so that you can instantly take a decision.

Restori also suggests restaurants and hotels viewed by persons who had viewed this restaurant -Also viewed section .

Next, the best flexibility is the keyword search. Think anything and it's there- from Pure veg to Sunday brunch to Candle night dinner to Budget hotel to value for money to Mountain view to Mexican dishes ...anything and everything...RESTORI is loaded with 10,000 + Keywords.

Great ! but where's all reviews coming from ?

Restori churns terabytes of Review Data across social media, review sites, blogs etc and provides the pure Customer sentiment in a pictorial format through its Big Data Analytics Engine.

Also, it has an extensive Database of over 1 lakh restaurants and 25000+ hotels across 1000 + cities  and towns with 100 million + reviews providing all kind of search.

Fantastic! so where can I try it?

For web, visit

You can download the Android App here :

Confused on your Honeymoon?

Searching for some great food or planning your Honeymoon ?


Download the #RESTORI Android App -


Download the #RESTORI Android App -