Saturday, May 11, 2019

Kishore Kumar- Those were the days

Kisore Kumar -

When I look back into the reminiscences of my youthful past on such a lazy tiring saturday evening like today, this heartfelt song brings back a smile to me.
   My smile is like the half crescent moon hovering above me as clouds glides by , the  darkened eaten-up side resembling those bygone days.
The city , as I look by , is a swarm of moving golden bees , while at some corner the enigmatic voice of this great man slowly wafts into the air.
My city has the smell of music even in its polluted air.
All thanks to this legend who will always be  in our hearts of heart.
At the junction of a curved roadway playing hide and seek with darkness and shadow, I can see few young hearts having an adda.
    In our times of sans facebook, whatsapp and twitter days , evenings were beautiful adda with Kisore Da's songs.
Life was simpler then , probably.
   Love was silent too, unlike so loud now-a-days.
    And lost love or secret untold crushes were Kisore Da's melancholic melodies.
    I remember we had a prized possesion at our home , a Gramaphone which my parents got as a wedding gift.
   And some beautiful records , those circular large disks wirh hole at its centre .
    You have to put in the record on the gramaphone and put the diamond tipped pin at the first curve to start the song.
   And of went that everlasting profound voice !
   We had the record of Mili's  ( the movie ) song.
Somehow of all those great songs it had , Badi Sooni Sooni Hai struck a chord with the saddened nerves of my heart.
  By then I had seen the movie quite few times , and this song and that angry young man in the movie has created a hole in my heart.
      I am not sure which was greater , the euphoria or my pain , but the potrayal of a pained angry youth with that glass in his hand made me felt like enacting it.
  Like you want to create the perfect moment of joy in your life to silently enjoy your untold feelings.
I still remember on days when my parent had a party or was outside , I would first close all the doors and windows and put Mili's record to play.
Only this song in infinity loop.
Most importantly , I would wear the attire which the angry young man had , a white kurta and pyjama .
It gave you that perfect curated feelings !
   And switching off the lights , of went the song , Badi Sooni Sooni hai , the glass in my hand with the dreadful liquid in it.
  It was dark outside , the curved roads playing hide and seek with light and shadow.
    And as Kisore Da sang , my pain melted in that glass .

May the great soul be ever alive in our hearts of heart with his everlasting melodies.