Wednesday, May 22, 2019

At the stroke of the morning hour when the world sleeps

Tonight as the vigilent moon in it's waning Gibbous phase looms over us , its shadows the promise of both light and darkness along with it.
    While some looking at it might feel the promise of round bread and abundant food for family in the near future , some might be bit shaken what the dark spots behold.
    Whichever Party wins tomorrow and forms the Government , it's an uphill task for them.
    Providing steady employment to an ever increasing population will be one of the biggest challenges.
    What a Common Man needs ? The age old Question...
      Roti , Kapra aur Makaan...
The 1974 bollywood drama had the Legend Amitabh Bhacchan in it.
Roti, Kapra aur Makaan...
Ironically Roti for farmers who doesn't have to commit suicide again.
Food for the poorest of poor.
And clothes and shelter.
And that can only be possible by generating more and more employment.
Employment can iradicate lot of ills of our society , as an empty stomach leads to a fractured mind.
The next 5 years will be quite tough for India as well as the new government .
How can we help , the more priviledged ones ?
Apart from paying taxes , I feel one of the greatest contribution can be by generating employment.
Even if a new initiative provides job to just 4-5 people , don't think its only those 4 or 5 persons , but actually its 4 or 5 families ...
No initiative or startup is big or small...all are equally important as all contributes to the development of India.

Let's make India Great...

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