Monday, August 12, 2019

The Jar , Harappa & Surrogacy - Extremely Interesting fact on Lord Shiva

Some more EXTREMELY INTERESTING FACT from Harappan scripts & Lord Shiva -

Below are from the Harappan ( Harappa Mohenjodaro ) scripts.

Like if you take up the first symbol which looks like a “Jar” or “Water pitcher”.

This symbol has terrific inner meaning.

Rishi Vasishtha and Agastha were generated by Gods Varuna and Mitra in a sacred pitcher or water-jar used in sacrifice.

Rishi Vasishtha, the rajpurohit or holy Guru of Ikshvaku dynasty. He was also the teacher of RamChandra, the greatest king of Suryavanshis. He advised Ram on attacking Ravana, the Asura king of Lanka.

Agastha is especially known as the “jar-born” sage. He is mentioned to have emerged from kumbha .Kumbha is a Sanskrit word meaning water jar.

Interesting to note here is that, the water jar is symbolic to a woman’s womb.

The myth of miraculous birth from jars is all throughout our history.

Mr. Nolan...can you think of this concept in our modern world.’

Dr. Sanjeev looked smilingly.

‘This is nothing but modern day surrogacy theory. Can you imagine how advance science was during Indus valley period?’

Nolan and Jaya looked spellbound.

‘In Mahabharata, Drona, the priest-warrior, was generated in a wooden trough by Rishi Bharadwaja. The Kauravas were born from pots filled with clarified butter in which Gandhari’s womb was stored.

The Nagas, the warrior tribe whose insignia was that of a serpent, also had similar practices. The cult of Naga worship spread all across Harappan civilization.

The Pallavas of Kanchi in modern day Tamil Nadu, who claims Drona to be one of their remote ancestors, traced their descent from a water-pitcher.

Now coming to the seal , there is no doubt that the man sitting in yogic posture is none other than Lord Rudra.


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