Saturday, June 24, 2017

This post is for all Authors and Aspiring Authors or Writers, and perhaps for all Citizen of India

I always had the firm believe that if you want to do good for Human beings and Society, you can always do it provided you have a Strong will . I am a bit against current ‘LIBERALS’ who just work on Facebook but not on Real world .
Back in 2013 , I had embarked on a journey to know my religion and the scientific zeal behind it ( with no Offence to other religions ) . It was a totally new world , and FASCINATING to say the least !
Hindu mythology opened unknown areas for me, things I never had known , and interestingly supported by strong scientific reasoning.
At the same time, I was freshly into a bitter WAR with my publisher of √ĀUTUMN IN MY HEART ‘,my first novel and very close to my heart , as I felt very much cheated on the Book Sales number and the Royalty earned .
My extensive study on mythology started brewing a fresh mythological Suspense inside my brain, and so I started penning it down. This time I started to take a different way, though lot of RENOWNED PUBLISHERS approached me .
Some years has passed by, and below my friends shows the Royalty earned till March, 2017 .
The total ROYALTY AMOUNT when converted to INR is equivalent to INR 1 lakh 66 thousand ( approx.) 1,66,000/- and though it’s not a huge amount but it’s a GOOD ROYALTY AMOUNT, which a LOT OF WRITERS in my FRIENDLIST will Silently vouch on .

This is because I don’t write for money or other way round I don’t live on my writing ( I have a different Profession ) but Writing is my true Passion.
This is a message for those who are aspiring writers and for those who want to do good for Society.

Note : As a good will gesture & also to spread the knowledge on Hindu Mythology I have keep my Novel FREE for next 3 days , you can read at ( this is for India , for others from different countries you can get the respective links in Amazon. )

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